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Before you comment… March 23, 2012

First rule: READ before commenting.

Second rule: THINK before commenting.

If you’re trolling, don’t expect to see your comment(s) get published.  Take your insecurity somewhere else, thank you. This is not a flame war site, and we do not offer psychiatric help, either.

P.S. do not mention by name a certain (now retired) American dancer (initials K.K.) who danced in a Russian company.  That will automatically put your comment in the trash bin and your IP on the blacklist.  I’m sorry it has to be that way but some people claiming to be relatives of this dancer forced the issue.  I have a feeling that many legitimate comments have inadvertently caused their writers to be blacklisted and I apologize for that.  It’s a case of one or two very whiny little girls getting the whole class in trouble, which is something I never wanted; unfortunately, WordPress’s filter is a sort of “all or none at all” application.  Again, please accept my apology if this has happened to you.