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Not all pointe is ballet December 23, 2017

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No, it is not ballet just because you have pointe shoes on and do one or two recognizable ballet moves in your routine.

I’m not saying what these ladies are doing isn’t difficult, and doesn’t require extensive ballet and pointe training.  Certainly you have to be strong and well-trained to stay on pointe for an entire 3 minutes or whatever it was in the video.  BUT…

Lots of forms of dance utilize pointe.  Tap does, jazz does, even Irish dance does.  There are such things as as pointe-tap shoes (or tap-pointe shoes).  Anyway, the lesson here is that utilizing pointe does not turn any of them into ballet.

What we’re seeing in the video is what’s now called “commercial dance,” and this particular company includes a ton of pointe in its routines.  But it’s not ballet just because it has pointe work.  Ballet is a very specific art form.  This ain’t it.

No, I am not belittling it or calling it bad; it is not bad.  But I’m also not calling it ballet.