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Painful to look at December 21, 2017

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Gloria Govrin

Actually I’m not talking about this former, long-time NYCB dancer…I’m talking about her feet.  Look at ’em in that photo.  Ouch.

These, I suppose, were the “creative bunions” Balanchine worshiped.  All I know is, this is the way many pointe shoes used to be shaped.  Believe me, if you had square feet, it was not fun.

More on feet later.  Right now I’m contemplating a pointe-shoe fitting video done by Ballerina Badass, and contemplating tendus and feet based on something she said in that video.  May be an article coming.


One Response to “Painful to look at”

  1. These shoes look VERY tapered just from the photo, and I can imagine the ideal was somewhat that this was supposed to look more “aesthetic”…If you see old pictures of ballerinas going back as far as the 19th century you will also notice this, that the feet look impossibly tapered – to the point of not really looking natural any more (and on photos, this was achieved by retouch work).

    But on this photo you linked – ugh! It does not look aesthetic at all for me because the line of the foot is disrupted. And I can imagine that putting her feet in such shoes can be very painful for the dancer concerned if the natural shape of her feet does not fit.

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