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Moscow Ballet Competition June 15, 2017

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Here’s an article on the opening of the Moscow Ballet Competition; I’ll try to follow up on this in the coming days:

Moscow Competition


3 Responses to “Moscow Ballet Competition”

  1. KatiSzed Says:

    I watched the livestream yesterday of round two and it was certainly very interesting! I think the level of the Juniors is very high – one of my favorites of the juniors performed a stellar satinella variation. The seniors last night was also interesting – we seem to be in an era of strong men again. The technical abilities of these young men is really amazing. Joy performed last night (aurora pas de deux) and while it was technically clean, I’m not a fan of her port de bras and it seemed almost ‘too’ studied, I felt that every blink and ever pinky finger was carefully studied in a mirror. I didn’t get any feeling of a real love of dancing. She has definitely improved but it felt stiff and was lacking warmth. Today the second half of competitors are dancing and I’m very curious to see Amanda Gomes perform. The videos of the competition can be watched here:

  2. KatiSzed Says:

    Posting a second time: Lauren Hunter already impressed me during the Prix de Lausanne and she won me over again in Moscow. She has great technical facility (though I wish she’d get over her box more when she hops on pointe) and a lovely charming stage presence. My money is on her – I think she’ll go far!

  3. I really liked both American girls, Hunter and Beyer. The older group didn’t impress me as much. I thought the best girl was actually Matvienko, who was only there as a partner!

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