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Really. It’s the money thing. May 9, 2017

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I’ve been off tending to my other blog (that is not a permanent thing, however), so have been neglecting this one.  I did, however, see yet another Joy Womack video the other day that left me gasping.

Apparently she danced in a gala for her teacher, and was complimented by someone else (I could not pick up the name), and Filin, who gave Joy such grief at the Bolshoi, was the one who presented the award to her teacher, and…whatever.  All that does not bother me.  Sometimes what goes around, comes around, or something like that.

What does bother me is that again she is asking for money and not really offering anything.  Can anyone think of another dancer who does this?  It’s starting to bother me.  Dancing in a country where most dancers are horribly underpaid, and soloists of major companies are said to be living like sardines in tiny apartments with hordes of other dancers because that’s all they can afford…something is not right here.  This girl has her own apartment and it looks fairly well-furnished and roomy.  It’s for sure that someone else is paying the bills.

And then she asks for money for some vague idea she has…

Anyway, just dropping by and wanted to hear other opinions on this.  It’s just really bothering me.  And yes, this blog will be back up to speed, I’m hoping in the near future.


7 Responses to “Really. It’s the money thing.”

  1. Paz Puente Greene Says:

    Joy’s primary fuel is attention and she needs how to trigger people in positive and negative ways. Among them irritation by complaining, reporting backstabbing, peer envy and her own mental breakdowns.
    She knows that she is not loved by her peers, that the company barely bears with her and I feel that she secretly perceives her own mediocrity, lack of grace and entitlement, which must be painful.
    Now she is “recovering” in Austin doing her “hyperbaric fix” after “a year of depression”, an injury (great opportunity for a supplement placement) and after “deciding to be boldly herself and live to the beat of her own drum”.
    She is also “rising charity money”
    Superballerina to the rescue.

    Her flat in Moscow is, according her own information, a loan from “friends”.

    In “Bolshoi Babylon” (2015) one can have glimpses of what a real ballerina goes through in Russia, what apartments they live in (Emma Davidovna, her violinist friend lives in a real average Moscow apartment if readers want to compare), and it’s certainly not a piece of cake.

    It seems that Joy left the Bolshoi because her lack of grit would have made her mediocrity and weakness too obvious to deny to herself and would trigger cognitive dissonance and narcissistic ego-dystonia in the long term.
    On the other hand, any person living on pills, subjecting her body to dubious therapies and with a chronic eating disorder cannot sustain the effort that ballet demands.
    This is why she is somehow expecting that the ABC calls her and pack back to the states with an intact ego, but there it would happen more of the same, because Joy is Joy’s problem, not ballet companies.
    What is most annoying for me is the whining. Her performances leave me cold. Her role modelling for teeny prima wannabes plain scares me. Maybe the most annoying of all is that we cannot help talking about her like we would talk of a noisy fly in a quiet room.
    I hope that her body hits rock bottom before something worse happens, forcing her to go home, retire, receive proper therapy for both physical and mental issues and this prompts her to arts more suited to her current capacity. She seems to love film making more than she really loves ballet.
    Sending you love and gratitude for your reflections,

    • malonek Says:

      Let me comment a bit on the flat situation as I’ve gained quite a bit of experience in that field. What Emma Davidovna lives in is not a nice flat, even by Russian standards. It either is not her own property so she does not intend to invest into it, or it is not her priority, or she is very poor. I’ve been to many Russian flats during my travels and people usually make their flats look really nice and modern even with limited means. If they are young, they might not own yet all the furniture one would expect to be there but they really are trying if it is their priority. I have no clue how they do that with their limited wages but the usually manage to. What Joy lives in is considerably better than the average. Not because of the equipment which is quite standard in modern flats in today’s Russia but because of its size/number of inhabitants ratio, its location (as central as you could get) and the house it is in (old Stalin type building as opposed to the houses built of concrete panel blocks where even the upper middle class often live).
      I am not sure about the money she earns from her main job, probably her main source of income would be galas which pay much better and she could be telling the truth about her salary at the Kremlin… I just want to point out that her lifestyle is not one of a poor person. Were she that poor, she would not be able to afford her Ubers, her camera, laptops, iPhone, gym membership, morning coffees, regular meals in restaurants (definitely not all of them combined), she would probably not even be able to support a vegan diet all alone. I admit my and her understanding of poverty might differ as I live in a country which used to be a part of the Eastern block and its economy is on the Spanish level, probably not comparable to her former living standard in the USA,

  2. It’s not unusual these days for “content creators” to ask for donations to keep producing vlogs. Some people make a decent sum too. There’s not even a need to talk about how poor you are. Making videos and posting regular blog updates takes time and people are understanding that it is your time and that a little compensation would be nice.

    Is it me or does she always feel the need to put down other dancers? She’s always making comments about the unsatisfactory male partners and snide remarks about the other Kremlin dancers and in the part about Yulia Makhalina, she claims Yulia said all the other dancers at the gala looked like students while she looked like a pro

    • theworstat Says:

      Difference here is that she keeps throwing out vague projects as a pretext for asking for money, and then we never hear about them again. I wouldn’t mind so much if she just asked for money for doing the videos, and then provided some service or advice. Other dancers do that pretty routinely. Womack does not.

      I couldn’t pick up Makhalina’s name, thanks. And if Womack looked like a pro when everyone else looked like students, then it wasn’t much of a gala, was it? It’s a disservice to her teacher and the award as well as to the other dancers for her to say something like that.

      I’m starting to think that the little bits of info creeping out of Russia are right: she’s technically proficient but not that special (I didn’t notice ABT falling all over her with an offer, for instance), and/or she’s unmusical. I noted she did make a point of claiming that after her stay in New York, she now knows that she can keep up with the dancers there — SHE HAD BEEN DOUBTING HERSELF BECAUSE SHE WAS “ONLY’ FROM THE KREMLIN BALLET. When she said that, I thought, wow….that’s cold to the other dancers at the Kremlin Ballet, isn’t it? No wonder they don’t seem to like you, kiddo!

      And then she said she’d found the “perfect partner” after she’s been dancing happily with that Misha guy all this time…what the hell?

      I guess we are reduced to reading between the lines with her, listening closely the things she suddenly says out of the blue, and not what she “plans” to say, that give us clues as to what’s really going on.

      As of right now I’m thinking she must be like Natalia Osipova was 5 years ago, but without the extreme athleticism (she obviously wasn’t born that way, as Osipova obviously was). And without that natural athleticism, she’s sort of just “there:” better than many because of extreme effort, but lacking the potential to do much more no matter how hard she works.

      But that’s just a guess.

  3. atlanticw Says:

    I don’t know much about the housing market in Moscow but that apartment is way too nice and way to central for her to afford it on her alleged $8 per day salary. I believe she has stated previously it was lent to her by a friend. Her lifestyle is not one of a poor person in Russia or the US.

    As for asking for money I can’t say I’ve heard of anyone else doing that. It seems a little sleazy since it doesn’t really seem to have a purpose to her than to fund her. From her home videos it does seem like her family is well off enough to be sending her some money perhaps that is what she lives on.

    I don’t want to call anyone a liar but if Yulia did in fact say those words to her it could have only been to be nice and she didn’t really mean it. If there were an American dancer who outshined all other Russians I feel like ABT could have dug up a contract for her. I just saw SF ballet this past weekend and she doesn’t compare to their leads. I desire to see her live only out of curiosity but based on those videos I can’t imagine it will be satisfying.

    I could believe that a US company would not want to have her as a dancer just even for liability sake. Healthy eating is cool now and ABT would not want to have a dancer claiming she only eats pills and soup juxtaposed to someone like Misty Copeland. They would not want to be accused of promoting eating disorders (not sure if eat only pills and soup qualifies for anorexia but it sure ain’t normal even for a ballerina). Now that she has put that stuff out there it’s there forever. It boggles my mind that her physician-parents not only haven’t tried to intervene, but promote this lifestyle.

  4. I have been watching Joy’s vlogs for some time and have always found the way in which she presents herself to be somewhat problematic. Unfortunately as time has progressed, this aspect has gotten worse.

    I think Joy’s biggest issue, and this is an issue a lot of young adults have these days, is that she expected praise and accolades as soon as she accomplished something big, in her case, graduating from the Bolshoi. This is probably why she hold onto the “First American to graduate from the Bolshoi” tag so hard. Granted youth puts blinders on us all, but she still fails to recognize that nothing is owed to us in this life, especially in the dance world. The top ballet academies around the world and in Russia turn out hundreds of of ballerinas who all have the potential to go on to become principals. Graduating from the Bolshoi, even the Russian program as an American does not make you extraordinarily special. All young dancers have to put their heads down and work to earn their opportunities.

    It is hard to gauge from her videos, but even there, Joy does not dance with any joy or love for dance. From my eyes, it appears she carries herself as she believes a “prima” should. She puts on a lot of airs, but her dancing does not transcend the the stage and always falls flat. She does not appear to love what she does, and that comes through in her dancing.

    To be quite honest, she seems adrift at the present time. I do not see her progressing much farther than her position at the Kremlin, in Russia, or in Europe. She really shot herself in the foot not putting in her time in the corps, and broadcasting comments like “dancing in the corps is like dancing for free.” She really needed that time to find herself not only as a dancer, but as young adult. I also do not think she would fair better if she came back to the states. Maybe, and this a big maybe, a mid-sized company would give her a shot as a soloist, but probably nothing beyond that. She is very wooden and immature in any role she dances. Again going on her own filming, there is no difference between any role she dances.

    Like I said before, I’ve been following Joy’s career for a while, and before I found this blog, I thought I was the only one who saw things weren’t quite right beyond the sycophant comments on her youtube page. I hope Joy has someone in her life who can give her some hard truths. The trajectory she is on is not a good one. She has been dancing on her stress fractures for at least 6 months, and she barely eats. One of the comments on this blog indicated that her swollen and over-active salivary glands is due to her ongoing eating disorder, which I always wondered about, but it unfortunately makes sense. It is sad she is actively destroying her own life, and doesn’t even realize it. I really do not want to imagine the havoc the stem cell treatments, vitamin injections and pills are doing on her already frail body.

  5. atlanticw Says:

    I watched this video for the first time in several years and I just realized how much her body and face have changed. I know everyone changes when they move from teenager to adult but I can compare photos of myself and I know my face didn’t change that dramatically from 15 to 23. I’m now 30 and my face still has a roundness to it, less profound than at 15, but not as dramatic as her face.

    I know if I were starving myself like that, even at my age, my mom would drag me back to the US by the ear.

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