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Giselle Berthea April 21, 2017

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Not up on the latest news about this kid, but I found a video of one of her performances in the 2014 International Ballet Competition in Moscow (age approximately 15).  It’s a variation from Act 1 of Giselle.  I was struck by how her movement quality seemed to hint at what’s to come in Act II, when Giselle is a ghost.  I’ve seen lots of Giselles and never really saw that before in anyone else’s interpretation.

Enjoy:  Giselle by Giselle


3 Responses to “Giselle Berthea”

  1. atlanticw Says:

    She does seem to have an airy quality. It does’t look like work unlike watching other da dancers. Probably because she eats more than vitamins and vegetarian soup (Womack is now peddling dubious vitamins and telling her prima friends she only eats soup).

    She has a slightly timid quality which I don’t know if it is due to nerves or she is acting- either way it seems very much like Giselle should be-a young girl in love.

    A little OT, but I just saw SF Ballet’s Swan Lake. Maria Kochetkova was stunning. She had a beautiful quality but it wasn’t over-the-top flapping like I see in videos from Russia. I know she was russian trained but she does not seem to dance it like other Russians. Not sure if she need did or she has just changed since being in the US.

    Only other live experience with Swan Lake was Miami City Ballet doing Balanchine’s Cliff Notes version. It was not great. I like balanchine dancers in balanchine but not much else I put confess. The corps lacked the uniformity needed.

    Was it just a bad experience or is this the case with dancers trained in that style? SF ballet’s corps was on point.

  2. theworstat Says:

    The old excuse for Balanchine-trained corps dancers was that because Balanchine’s choreography could pull someone out of the back row of the corps and make them a star for 15 seconds before they got back in line, they were all trained as principal dancers and each danced to their own drummer. With the strictness of the Balanchine Trust, one would think that trait would have been erased, but it sounds like it hasn’t. Not my favorite style.

    Maria K. is a masterpiece of understatement, at least in the videos I’ve seen of her. I’m glad she got the chance to come to the U.S. and become a major star; in Russia, she was “too short,” and that was that. It took Evgenia Obraztsova almost a decade to overcome that, and in the end she was only saved by friendships at the Bolshoi. Otherwise she would have been lost.

    As for our little mess in Russia, Joy….I’ve seen her latest videos; she’s treading on dangerous ground. Claiming health benefits from vitamins and particularly herbs simply isn’t allowed in the U.S. (or if it is, it’s only to an extent, and it’s very easy to go over that line). I’m trying hard not to let this blog become about her but every time she makes a video, it seems I end up with more subject matter that I don’t see covered elsewhere, and since she is influencing kids, I feel it needs to be discussed.

    Probably more on this later. I’m sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but I’ve been working on another blog (unrelated subject matter), that had gone dead for a long time but is now very…well let’s say “of the moment.” I’ll try to get back to ballet; it’s more pleasant.

    I also have been repeatedly thwarted in my own attempts to get back to class. This is because of lack of availability locally (I’m really wanting to get back to the city more and more), and also because of massive physical problems. I may write about that in this blog from time to time.

  3. I recently watched Glass Pieces, a corps showcase piece, from the NYCB and thought the corps was magnificent. Maybe it’s just the choreo.

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