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Cult ballerinas March 26, 2017

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Sit back for a moment and think about those dancers who have been stalled forever at the soloist level, or maybe even at coryphee or in the corps.  I’m talking about the standouts who never seem to get promoted.

The late Rebecca Wright comes to mind: she came to ABT as a soloist after having been a principal at the Joffrey (the present-day Joffrey does not have principal dancers; not sure of the history but it probably has been different in the past).  For a current cult ballerina I’m thinking of Sarah Lane, who is famous with the public for having been the body double who did the actual dancing in Black Swan, but who is more famous among ABT fans as being the girl who keeps getting passed over for the big promotion, even though she is renowned for her Giselle and other interpretations.

In the recent past, of course, there was our beloved Evgenia Obraztsova, who lingered for years in soloist levels at the Maryinsky.  Or maybe Yulia Stepanova, same problem.  Both are now well-regarded primas at the Bolshoi, so who knows what the Maryinsky’s problem was.

Anyway, let me know about your favorite cult ballerinas.


7 Responses to “Cult ballerinas”

  1. Paz Puente Greene Says:

    Sylvie Guillem, Tamara Rojo, Daria Klimentova.
    Each one for and beyond ballet reasons.
    Sylvie was/is fierce. Tamara is intellectual and she is working to blueprint a model of healthy ballet, which for me is all. Daria always got my heart. Her farewell was heartbreaking. You could feel her inner world. Fragile and at the same time unreachable.
    But in the ballet I’ve come to watch, the current standards never moved me to the bone like the old classic.

  2. Would character dancers count cause Yuliana Malkhasyants doing the gipsy dance is something I will remember till the day I die.

  3. KatiSzed Says:

    My absolute favorite all-time ballerina is Ekaterina Maximova, certainly one of the most, if not the most charming Kitri/Sugarplum there ever was. I completely agree with Paz Puente – the performances I love the most are old records from the Bolshoi and Kirov – ballet these days (while there are exceptions) has become very athletic. Ninel Kurgapkina is also one of my favorites.
    Alina Cojocaru must also be mentioned, I cried like a baby watching her Giselle. And I’ve mentioned Lauren Cuthbertson before. I also agree concerning Daria Klimentova – such moving performances!!!
    As for soloists waiting for promotion: I think Claire Calvert has developed beautifully at the Royal Ballet and I hope she will get the promotion to principal soon. (I saw her perform a stunning Lilac Fairy recently)

  4. KatiSzed Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention Sofiane Sylve and Maria Kochetkova!

  5. malonek Says:

    Nina Kaptsova for her portrayals full of emotion. Ulyana Lopatkina, who is just perfection for me. Daria Klimentová – because she is the most sucsesful ballerina from my coutry. 🙂 Alina Somova for showing me how different ballet can be. Nadezhda Pavlova for dancing out of her heart.

  6. betagold7 Says:

    My favourite Ballerina is Evgenia Obraztsova, I have been following her career since a long time and I even went to London to see her dance – which unfortunately didn’t happen, because she had to withdraw two days before the show. I’m still hoping to see her dance one day.

    I’m an avid follower of everything happening at the Royal Ballet in London. I love many of their principals (Lauren Cuthbertson, Francesca Hayward and Marianela Nuñez) and follow a lot of the up-and-coming soloist/corps dancers (especially Yasmine Naghdi and Anna Rose O’Sullivan). I love the coaching videos they post on the Royal Opera House’s youtube channel – my favourite being the one where Monica Mason coaches Kristen McNally the role of Carabosse – and I’m so impressed with the grace and elegance of these ex-dancers who do the coaching and how corrections are applied so quickly by the dancers, you really can see a difference.

    Another dancer that comes to my mind is Hannah O’Neill, dancing at Paris Opera Ballet. She is a Premier Danseur and I hope she’ll be Étoile one day, but I sometimes fear it won’t happen – she didn’t do her training at the Paris Opera Ballet School which is quasi-essential to become Étoile, especially now that Aurélie Dupont is director (Benjamin Millepied tried to make a change in the strict organisation, but I read a recent interview in french with Aurélie Dupont where she criticised him quite openly and said that they should stick to tradition).

    Though I’m interested in “cult ballerinas” from the past, I find it quite difficult to make a connection with them – I didn’t see their career progress (I’m not even 30 years old) and videos on youtube are blurry and dark. I’m always impressed by Altynai Asylmuratova, she is really different from other dancers I think. I also like Diana Vishneva.

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