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Is it just me or are her shoes dead? February 19, 2017

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The Dream Sibley and Dowell, 1966


2 Responses to “Is it just me or are her shoes dead?”

  1. Paz Puente Greene Says:

    They look like they are dead, but they were entranced, somehow.

    In an interview to The Guardian, she said: “I had been in the company longer than Anthony, I’d danced with other people and I’d had wonderful partners, but with Anthony it was different: everything just worked. We heard the music in the same way; when we’d go to do a step we’d prepare at the same time, and we’d get to the position at the same time, not a quarter of a second before or after. We’re both very classical dancers, and our legs were at the same angle. When Ashton said do an arabesque, we were like a photocopy of each other. It was completely natural. I remember being bowled over by it. Anthony hadn’t really partnered anybody before, he had no idea, he thought it was like this with everybody.”
    She also said that was the first time a man danced on pointe, too.
    The Solti years in the Royal Ballet were thrifty and frantic, to say the least. They called for the last ounce of stamina and work ethics and no one dared to complain much about shoes. They let their pointe bleed.
    Reading Anne Sacks about those years was fascinating.
    Dame Antoinette paid with persistent injuries later. 1989 was defeating for her.

    Talking about dead shoes, I was baffled at Yumiko Takeshima’s trick.
    She bubble wraps the pointe and she wears them for years, which she even finds embarrassing to say out loud.

    Warm hugs from a fleeting early-Spring morning in Northwestern Spain.
    I love your blog.

    • theworstat Says:

      Years! Egads….she’s really risking her future foot health. I’m amazed. Freeds are known to be really delicate, too. I’ve never used them but I’ve known dancers who have.

      I’ve often wondered why more dancers don’t just buy rolls of Silipos (gel pads) and use those. I used to use them under my figure skates, and they were very durable and stopped the pain of the boot rubbing against the ankle. They didn’t have them back when I danced on pointe, though, that was decades ago.

      Interesting what she says about class, which is almost like daily church to most dancers.

      BTW I have a book called Sibley and Dowell. It’s a coffee-table book written about the pair when they were at their height (mid 1960’s through the 1970’s) They never mentioned shoe issues in the book, but what you said is extremely interesting. Thank you! I’ll look into it further.

      I’m glad you enjoy this blog and I enjoy having you here.

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