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Terrible photos January 15, 2017

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Haven’t felt very inspired lately, so sorry for the quiet.  I did, as I periodically do, go to the websites of some major companies just to see who has been promoted, etc.  On the Bolshoi’s website I found a whole bunch of photos of primas, apparently new, and apparently shot by the same photographer.  They all made the primas in question look like they were at least my age (I’m pretty damn old).  Not that that’s a bad thing, except that professional ballet, especially at the elite level, is a young woman’s game.  While I’m at it, I have to mention that most of the Bolshoi’s primas are pretty women, and these photos make them look drop-dead plain on top of well past retirement age.  Take a look:

Bolshoi Primas’ New Headshots

See if you can pick out which photos I’m talking about.  Just for a giggle.


3 Responses to “Terrible photos”

  1. KatiSzed Says:

    Oh dear… considering how lovely/beautiful these ladies are this is a good example of bad photography. Olga Smirnova literally looks like a willi, and charming Evgenia looks about 2 decades older than she is, and lovely Yulia looks like a librarian. But we all know what amazing dancers they are regardlesss of overexposed photos! 🙂

    • theworstat Says:

      Good thing they’re with a major company and we already know about them. Can you imagine some little company on a tour and this is in their program? People would think it was a company for geriatric dancers!

  2. I think many of the previous head shots were done by someone in the corps. They went with a “pro” this time, Who seems to have gone a little happy with that filter that makes everyone look thinner. I noticed Krysanova’s hasn’t been updated yet. I don’t blame her if she “missed” her appointment.

    I still need to get my own for my new job. There’s a reason I always put this off…

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