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Trigger warning August 31, 2016

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At least, it’s a trigger for me to see a dancer placed in a cage and have it passed off as ballet:

The Joffrey

Thankfully the horrible moment is not long and I got through it.  I just hate to see horse pucky celebrated as ballet, though, and had to remark on it.

On a much more satisfying note, the Joffrey will be performing their modern-day Romeo and Juliet this upcoming season.  Now, that is interesting.

To be absolutely fair, this video shows that the Joffrey is not all about placing dancers in cages or other contraptions, and calling it art.  Nor is modernism about that (or if it is, I am going to shout “horse pucky!” every time I see it), and the Joffrey generally makes a good case for modern ballet.

They’re getting better at the classical stuff, too, which makes them all the more exciting.