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Not So Free January 20, 2016

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I know, I know, this is OLDDDDDDDD news.  I’ll have fun with it later, though:
FP ballet ad from 2014

Okay, it’s later…

I’ll start with Free People.  Yes, I enjoy looking at their clothes; they’re sort of Corporate America pSeudo Hippie.  No, I would never buy their clothes — way too expensive.

Was I surprised at their “dancewear line?”  Well yeah…but only because it was just as expensive as the rest of their clothes.  Lovely, but heck…who is going to spend $150.00 on half a t-shirt so they can look all filmy and lovely while sweating their butt off?  5 weeks of adult ballet class costs that much at some studios, for crying out loud, let alone the cost of shoes (good slippers are not cheap these days, let alone pointe shoes if you’re advanced enough to go for those).

But, filmy and lovely and half-a-tee it is.  And to model this stuff in a video, they got half a dancer.  Less than half, in fact.

However lovely she is, and quite in spite of the script reading that she has been dancing since age 3, she appears to have had about one month of beginner ballet lessons.  I’ll allow that it looks like she did fairly well.  But put a girl like that in pointe shoes and she’s going to break her ankle.

So of course, she spends part of this video doing frightening wobbles on pointe shoes.

I’ll leave alone the fact that whoever she is, she can’t properly point her feet (and so is precariously tiptoeing on the bottom end of her pointe-shoe platforms), and if she really dances with that arch in her lower back (and wobble in her torso– no abs!), she’ll be in residence at the chiropractor’s office soon.

But she’s not the issue.  The issue is that Free People chose to present a corporate America fantasy dancer to try to sell their wares to real dancers.  Of course they got laughed out of town.  They may as well have had her floating around on a wire spreading glitter everywhere.  It was ridiculous.

I guess there’s never been any word from Free People about this gaffe.  And they are still selling those outrageously overpriced dance clothes — to whom is a good question.  Maybe to pretend dancers?  Certainly real dancers can’t afford that stuff.



2 Responses to “Not So Free”

  1. cloudripper Says:

    We know you’re busy with such minor details as moving; but please know that your fans are lining up, awaiting new posts. Welcome back!

  2. theworstat Says:

    That’s very sweet, thanks! Sorry for the silence, but I went from moving to hitting my head on a trash can lid during a windstorm, lol and the recovery has been a bit longer than expected. I will be back! Actually this BLOG will be back. I’ll still be offering my various opinions on ballet in general, but the focus may shift a bit — if I ever recover from this head injury — to the subject of adult ballet classes. And that doesn’t mean NUDE ballet classes, either, lol. Cya soon.

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