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Off the music December 13, 2014

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I keep getting Joy Womack news flung in my face.  Yesterday was no different; either she or someone else posted a trailer for her upcoming (in Russia at least) film.  The trailer’s description was riddled with grammatical errors (at least, the English translation was), which leads me to believe it is solely a Russian project and will not be seen here.  The trailer featured Joy speaking warmly of Nikita, her (ex?) husband, and admitting fault in the way she dealt with the Bolshoi.  She said that any bridges there have been thoroughly burned.  Maybe this was meant as a healing gesture, but I have long had the impression that her days in Russia are over and it’s time to come home and go into the corps of ABT or some smaller, local company. Her relative fame could even land her a leading role in some really tiny company, who knows.

Today she posted a video of herself dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy with the Kremlin Ballet.  Inadvertently, she may have posted the very reason the Bolshoi had no use for her as a soloist unless she paid them off (and it also left one wondering why she was hired as a leading soloist at the Kremlin Ballet).

She is, judging by this video, nothing more than a corps dancer.  Period.  In the video, she was badly off the (recorded) music and did not express it in any way.  And the Sugar Plum Fairy is no Giselle, a fragile girl delicately dancing to the happy music in act 1.  The SPF is a magical creature.  She commands the music with twinkle and charm, and casts fairy glitter as she dances. She is a little girl’s dream of a grown-up ballerina, all tutu, tiara, and shiny pointe shoes.

At least, that’s what she should be.  In the hands of anything more than a coryphee, that’s what she is.  But Joy’s SPF did none of that. She appeared uncertain in some of the steps, was, (as I mentioned), off the music, and worst of all, did not twinkle and spread charm.

An admirer suggested, as I have long felt, that perhaps Joy has done all she can do in Russia (after all, someone else from the U.S. made it to principal dancer there long ago — so it’s been done) and it is time to head elsewhere. Personally I’d like to see her start from the bottom in New York and see what a big company there can do with her.  Russia will never give us an honest answer.  There is too much going on behind the scenes.

She may be afraid of the answer; who knows.  Maybe her little company in Russia and her frequent modeling jobs there are comfortable refuges from the current truth about her dancing, which doesn’t seem to be pretty.

So while it’s possible that we will never see real improvement, it’s also possible that we will in the end be left wondering if real improvement was ever possible.  And considering that she’s such a determined dancer who is surrounded by so many questions regarding her true ability, that’s a big disappointment.  She is possibly selling herself short by staying in Russia.