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Vague Stepanova news October 30, 2014

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I’m sure everyone but me already knows this, but Yulia Stepanova has left the Maryinsky and in the short term will appear with the Kremlin Ballet????

Someone fast, fill me in.  I’m still chasing this one down.

No word on what’s going on with Kampa.


2 Responses to “Vague Stepanova news”

  1. Wait what?! I didn’t hear. What the french is going onnnnnn?!

  2. theworstat Says:

    Still not sure, lol. A reader informs me that that when Stepanova took time off to accept an award, the Mariinsky wouldn’t allow her husband to attend the ceremonies with her…but he went anyway, and got fired. When he got fired, she quit the Mariinsky (this all happened in October, around her birthday). Now they are scheduled to dance a gala with the Kremlin Ballet in January, but there is no word on where else they may show up.

    As for our Ms. Kampa, I’m assuming that during her months off earlier this year (for hip surgery, I believe), she took a long look at the situation at the Mariinsky and decided to stay home for good. No word on where she may be going next, but she does have a documentary film coming out sometime in the near future.

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