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To top it all off, there’s a Bolshoi laughtrack! November 19, 2013

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To top it all off, there’s a Bolshoi laughtrack!

Just when you thought they didn’t need another headache…Hand that company an Excedrin!  But you have to admit they are funny, in a sick, sad, sorry sort of way.

For instance, one of the most amusing quotes I’ve read from a person associated with the Bolshoi was (regarding Joy Womack) “this girl was obviously sent to destabilize the company.”

Well, LOL…that’s like arresting an infant for putting a 747 into a barrel roll.  Fact is, they were already pretty wobbly, and had been for a long time.  You don’t get paid applause in a company that’s totally on the up and up.

While we’re at it, here’s another article on the Womack situation.  Apparently she got one (demi)soloist role in the Nutcracker back in January, and blew it.  I recall her saying something about someone putting glass in her shoes — maybe this was her excuse.  But the comment by a fellow dancer is pretty blistering:
Slam City


9 Responses to “To top it all off, there’s a Bolshoi laughtrack!”

  1. atlantic Says:

    Apparently there was an American that graduated from the academy in the late 80’s and was supposedly taken into the company:

    I have not been able to find much more information about his time there.

    I am confused by these attacks on her dancing. On one hand, I believe she would have difficulty with the language, but she has been there for three years. In addition, ballet is one of those things where language isn’t as big of a barrier. Foreigners dance in the US, with little English speaking skills, all the time. I have a difficult time believing she could not manage a corps role in the nutcracker.

    Her facebook back in the spring claims she was in the corps for both Giselle and La Slyphide. I have actually danced the corps role of Giselle in an amateur company. Granted, my skill was no where near that of required for the Bolshoi, but I was able to pick up the choreography really fast (And I am notoriously bad at picking up choreography) . The truth is somewhere in the middle. I’m sure she had some problems, but I’m also certain that there is some spiteful comments being made.

    • theworstat Says:

      Absolutely there is spite in the air; no doubt about it. I am mystified as to why Womack suddenly couldn’t learn choreography when she had learned so much of it in school, apparently without a problem.

      But they will attack, and they will continue to attack. Voluchkova was “fat” and so was Vorontsova. Joy is almost skeletal, so they had to find something else. So what is that? Ah HAH!!!! She can’t memorize choreography and she can’t manage pirouettes!

      I still wonder if the incident last January, where she apparently did poorly in a demi-soloist role in the Nutcracker, had anything to do with the glass-in-the-toe-shoes attack she once mentioned.

      And isn’t it awfully harsh to stop the girl’s career in its tracks because of one bad performance? Definitely that didn’t happen to Kampa over at the Maryinsky after she suffered some pratfalls and outright disasters on stage early on.

      The upshot of all of this is that I don’t totally believe or disbelieve anyone involved in this situation, including Womack. I do know that the Russians will do and say anything to her to make her look bad, but I also don’t quite believe she’s been totally straightforward about her prospects at the Bolshoi. It’s almost as if she refuses to admit that she couldn’t become a prima ballerina at age 18 because, well, she dances for Jesus and look at all the miracles he gave her already!

      All in all, she’s let herself in for a hell of a time.

  2. atlantic Says:

    No problem! I thought it was interesting that it happened, especially during soviet times.

    I suspect Kampa has sponsors or the powers that be want to promote her. Joy may have messed up, but I am willing to bet a lot of money that she can do pirouettes, even if she messed up once. In fact, I have seen videos on her account and from teacher Ilya Kuznetsov that show the opposite.

    I still maintain she dodged a bullet here. At 19 she can’t see it, but she can still have a fulfilling career without the Bolshoi.

    • theworstat Says:

      Sometimes it’s hard to give up on an obsession, but perhaps that’s all this was. She will do well wherever she goes, without the pressure she endured at the Bolshoi.

  3. Jennifer S Says:

    Volochkova was more attacked by her coaches, including Maximova, for being lazy and only wanting stardom not becoming an artist. This is all documented in Russian press. She also did gain weight just before being fired by Bolshoi. The male dancers there did not like her attitude in rehearsal and performance, she would not tense herself up to help lift herself a bit for them. Also she went to management and demanded her name be listed above Bolshoi’s name during big tours. She became too brazen in her demands after finding herself an wealthy oligarch husband, and thought she was untouchable because of her new wealth and power. Until Bolshoi coaches and fellow dancers had enough of her. After being fired, she continues to milk her fame by going on tv, decked out in jewelries and giving interviews to bash the Bolshoi. Volochkova is just as ridiculous as any of these oligarch-sponsored dancers more interested in fame. In Russia she is known as an entertaining fame whore. Very few take her seriously.

  4. Jennifer S Says:

    About Joy Womack, maybe she is one of those dancers unable to dance in corps because of inability to dance on beat or to count on beat. But because she is not such a standout to be justifiably given soloist roles, she got stuck somewhat during her Bolshoi year. I see a good-average dancer not star, when I see her videos or even photos. In most every photo on her tumblr posts, it is usually her posing in contorted extensions or odd positions. To me it is all very trying too hard to gain fame and attention. From what I can watch on youtube, her dancing is very pedestrian in style, not to mention glaring lack of decent turnout makes her not acceptable in major US companies as a soloist.

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