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A Second Kitri (you go, girl!) March 15, 2013

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RBV threw out some (this time boldly) racist bait again this week, but I don’t want this blog to end up being about RBV.  Nor do I want it to end up being about the attack on Filin.  I’ve been wallowing too much in that stuff recently, so instead I am showing you a video of Keenan Kampa’s second outing as Kitri:

My take: still a bit hesitant and not sharp enough, and she needs to spend less time looking down, but overall it’s a HUGE improvement and very promising.

And there’s this video:

Again, MUCH better.

There was a third video of a first-act pas de deux where her entrance went KERPOW!  Just took your breath away.  Alas, I cannot find it.

And as for our dear friend RBV, all I can say is that his silence on this second performance has been…well…notable.