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Some arrests March 6, 2013

Filed under: ballet — theworstat @ 5:39 pm

I’m sure my readers already know this, but here goes:

Arrests in Filin attack

Big LOL (gallows humor) goes out to the U.S. program Good Morning America for closing their story on these arrests with this oh-so-dramatic remark about Filin: “No word on whether he will ever dance again.”

Um…dumbnuts…he retired some time ago.

P.S. to GMA: “Black Swan” had nothing to do with ballet.

P.P.S. to those unfamiliar with GMA: no, it is not a comedy broadcast.  Not intentionally, that is.


3 Responses to “Some arrests”

  1. atlanticw Says:

    Few observations about this clip:

    1) I am not familiar with Russian criminal law, but it sounds like to me he is trying to say he didn’t have the specific intent to throw acid. This could be a tactic to avoid a higher charge that would require the specific intent. He might be aiming for a lesser degree that would only require recklessness (again I am analyzing this through the Common Law, which is not what is used in Russia. However, it sounds like he talked to a lawyer before making that statement).

    2) I don’t know if I buy the motive. Other reports says it’s because Angelina Voronzova was never given swan lake. That’s a horrible thing to do over a role, but if he is going with the SI theory, maybe he wants to downplay the motive. Is she not a fairly big star there already?

    3) I really hope he isn’t being framed. Paranoia in me always thinks that in high-profile situations. Nothing to base that on except the fact that there was so much pressure the pin it on someone.

    4) And cages at first appearance/bond hearing? WTF?

  2. theworstat Says:

    Yeah, Russia is a mystery to me as well. I have no solid opinion to offer as to whether these confessions were coerced, totally correct, or if the alleged perpetrators are being treated too harshly. Not all countries abide by “innocent until proven guilty;” in fact, very few actually do.

    I did read an article about Voronzova. Apparently Filin was instrumental in bringing her from the sticks to Moscow. He got her into a major ballet academy (the Bolshoi’s? I’m not sure), and found her mother a job so they could stay in Moscow. When she graduated…well that’s when the trouble started. Instead of going into the company that Filin was directing then, she decided to join the Bolshoi. The story goes that when Filin got the Bolshoi artistic director job, he started discriminating against Voronzova because of what she’d done earlier.

    The story from the higher-ups in the company say that it wasn’t that at all; it was that she is out of shape and is overweight (shades of one A.V.!), and incapable of handling leading roles at this point. Another source says she’s simply too young and is expecting too much.

    I did watch some videos of her. Don’t know how recent they were, but I rather go with the “too young” story. Also, her feet seemed somewhat weak and she had a few outright stumbles. Hard to tell what the truth is from a few videos, though.

    Whatever the deal is with her, there is the possibility that Dimitrichenko is being framed. I rather believe that he did play some role in the attack simply since it fits so well with the theories that have been offered since it happened. And I also rather believe that he did not orchestrate it to the extent that someone would formulate acid to throw at the director. Reports on Dimitrochenko’s character indicate that he is incapable of doing such a thing.

    We’ll see.

    I did check the Bolshoi’s website. Both Voronzova and Dimitrochenko are still on the roster (as of yesterday), but Dimitrichenko’s bio has been taken down — if in fact it was ever there (I don’t remember).

    The only thing for certain is that Dimitrichenko’s career…and his life…are ruined. What will happen to Voronzova remains uncertain, but I’m sure she will be dealt with once the convictions are in (which seems inevitable).

    Tied into all of this is good ol’ Nickolay Tisiskaridze…but at his usual distance. He is, however, in enough trouble as it is. Right now it doesn’t look good for anyone involved.

  3. atlanticw Says:

    That bit about Voronstova is interesting. I am sure he felt hurt she chose a different company, but black balling her is pretty unprofessional. She is still young and is most likely in need of some work (best student in a graduating class still has to compete with the best in the company when she gets out). So maybe she wasn’t getting roles for her technique, but assumed it was because she chose the Bolshoi over Filin. Guess we may never know.

    I just am always skeptical when it comes to ‘confessions’.

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