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Synopsis Attack! February 14, 2013

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Congrats to the Oklahoma City Ballet on their first production of Swan Lake!  And congrats to whomever it was who came up with the synopsis, as they did away with that deadly first act:

Ballet News

Mind you that I am aware that some of my co-contributors and readers disagree sharply with me about the subject of the first act of Swan Lake, but I’m sticking to my impression that it’s usually a good excuse for an extended potty break.


2 Responses to “Synopsis Attack!”

  1. atlantic Says:

    I have to agree here. The music is nice, but I really get bored with the endless court dances. I just want to see some swans, damn it.

    • theworstat Says:

      LOL that’s my problem, too. I know someone somewhere will put it down to modern short attention spans, but the fact is that we have scattered attention now due to the fact that there is so much to look at. It’s not like it was in the days of Louis XIV. That’s where the court dances come from, and outside of giving an opportunity to show off some talented dancers, they have little relevance anymore. JMO

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