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Apologies February 11, 2013

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I was MIA all weekend due to family matters.  Welcome to our new contributors!

I read a couple of articles on the latest on the Bolshoi debacle.  This one sums them all up:

All I can say is, if this gets any weirder, that pending TV show will look like reality.  And that’s sad.


9 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. Jennifer S. Says:

    What the article fails to mention is the weirder way in which Tsiskaridze has been acting. He gave interviews couple days ago saying Filin did not appeared to have suffered side effects of acid attack. Then he said something along the lines of it wouldn’t suprise him if Filin or Bolshoi powers that be did this to him in order to frame himself (Tsiskaridze). He is coming off as an egomaniac implying this was all a big conspiracy to frame him and get him fired. This coming from a disgruntled dancer with AD ambitions of his own, who in December of last year was exposed as trying to get Putin to fire Bolshoi chief Iksanov and be appointed himself to the post despite having no managerial position. He wrote a letter petition in which he lied and said Iksanov’s contract isn’t being renewed. Then he had respected and famous opera and ballet artists sign his petition. But once the petition leaked out publicly, all the petition signers came out in shock apologizing to Iksanov because they all said Tsidkaridze told them he wanted to head Bolshoi Theatre because Iksanov wasn’t being asked back. This of course isn’t the case at all, Iksanov’s contract not up or expired and he had full support of Bolshoi board. What Tsiskaridze did was to politicize the situation and tried to have Putin overrule Bolshoi board to appoint him as chief. It was all a big and sordid scandal played out in public couple months ago.

    Now since his outrageous statement Bolshoi management rightfully considering suing him.

  2. atlanticw Says:

    at 25:00

    Homeboy has issues. I’m not insinuating he had anything to do with it, but I think this illustrates the fervor that envelopes ballet in Russia.

  3. atlanticw Says:

    Oh btw, I tried to make a post, but it says it is pending. I am not sure if I did this correctly?

  4. atlantic Says:

    ummm…..not sure what to say about this video.

    • theworstat Says:

      wow…wow….I’m so stunned I don’t know where to begin. But to launch into a character assassination on the basis of something he noticed on a video of Filin, even though he does not know Filin and is not close to the situation…wow.

      I admit that I too was a bit weirded out when I heard that Filin had given a television interview just days after having acid thrown in his face. But you’re never going to hear me conclude in public that it did not happen just because of my own inexpert observations.

      I am NOT saying that there are no significant problems in Russian ballet companies — starting with the poverty-level wages of non-principal dancers. These same challenges were long ago met and dealt with (to an extent) by major American and European companies, even though it’s still true that too many dancers must live in dorm-room conditions and take on second jobs to make ends meet. Unionization has really only succeeded in reducing work hours; in too many cases, a comfortable living wage is still not present. That is to say that this is a problem throughout the ballet world, although I’m sure it is not as serious in most places as it is in Russia. And Filin went and hired an American principal (Conrad’s mention of Joy Womack is just stupid; she is in the corps and had to get married to get a job in Russia, for crying out loud).

      I can only conclude that Conrad is solidly in the camp of one Mr. Tsiskaridze. Yes, I have a problem with that. I’m not going to accuse Tsiskaridze of attacking anyone, but I can say that a lot of what he has said in reaction to this incident has been strange. Yet at the same time, it shed light on things Conrad said last summer (which were mentioned in this blog). That light is not rose-colored and it is definitely not pretty.

  5. atlantic Says:

    I have a hard time believing that everyone could just keep quiet about a faked acid attack. Every doctor, nurse, and police officer just not say anything? For as much as they love scandal and conspiracy, I’m not buying that it has been kept up this long.

    • theworstat Says:

      Yeah, it’s notable that the only ones making the accusations about the attack being fake are the same ones who had a problem with Filin to start with.

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