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Some changes February 3, 2013

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I’m in for a rough bunch of months ahead, so some changes will need to be made to this blog and the discussion board.  In short, I’m going to need help.  If anyone’s interested in posting blog articles here or managing the board, please let me know.  These changes will be permanent; I will not kick you out once I am available again.

To anyone interested, please be aware that this blog cannot be about one dancer, choreographer, or company, nor will we avoid discussing certain dancers because their relatives might become upset, etc.  There will be no discussion about child dancers unless they are already out in the public eye (such as good ol’ Ksenia).  We will not discuss dancers’ personal lives and problems unless the dancers have discussed these problems in public themselves.  We will not allow non-ballet-related posts on this blog unless we can relate the non-ballet subject to ballet.  We will not be excessively nasty to anyone, but we will tell what we see as the truth.

You will not have to post every day, or even once a week.

I hope someone’s interested.


14 Responses to “Some changes”

  1. Cat Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that times are hard for you. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. I’m afraid I’d be an awful blogger, however if you end up desperate I’ll help how I can.

  2. Jennifer S. Says:

    I went through a major sickness and death in my family in recent years so I understand the need to take care of the truly important things in life. I wish you well in this difficult period.

    I would also like to help out with your blog if needed.

  3. atlantic Says:

    I am sorry :(. I hope things get better soon. I will definitely help contribute!

  4. Cat Says:

    Sure! Though it’s probably safe to consider me a last resort – I’m a mind-numbingly terrible writer. 😛 Though I’m happy to suggest topics to blog on etc. 🙂

  5. theworstat Says:

    Okay, I’ve sent invites to you all via email. Thanks!

  6. theworstat Says:

    And thank you for your kind thoughts and offers of help!

  7. atlanticw Says:

    I’m not sure how to make a post…

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