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Another little detour January 18, 2013

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These two videos are something else that popped up when I went over to YouTube tonight.  Apparently our friend Keenan has picked up another troll.  I pity her.  While there is something to be said about her performing the steps but not the role (a problem apparent in both videos), for crying out loud it’s not like she’s falling all over the place, either.  There’s room to grow here.  But sometimes, growth comes slowly.  Certainly it’s not coming at the speed with which she’s being pushed.

Anyway, in this first video, the troll is comparing her to Olesya Novikova…who in my opinion is just all wrong for Kitri.  Novikova is a delicate beauty who wants to float and be sweet; Kitri is just not that kind of role.  However, she has the advantage of being on her home turf here and is relaxed and doing the best Kitri she can.  I don’t think that can be said of Kampa’s Kitri at this point.

In the second video, the troll is comparing the Dryad Queens of Skorik, Kampa, and of all people the (now retired?) prima ballerina Yulia Makhalina.  Of course, Makhalina blows the two girls away.  No problem predicting that one.

Ah…well.  Another day, another troll.  Now back to my archaeological dig.


One Response to “Another little detour”

  1. Jennifer S. Says:

    Unfortunately for Keenan she will have to just endure these criticisms from trolls as you put it. Of course she is not ready for such a big role, as videos show. But why is she being singled out for abuse while lesser dancers who happen to be Russian get a free pass. I don’t recall such uproar over recent debacle of a Sleeping Beauty danced by a certain Maria Shirinkina for all to see on yt. It is one rule for the favored girl and another for the two unfavored step children in Kampa and Skorik it seems.

    I don’t know if you have heard the news by now but Bolshoi AD was the victim of an acid attack yesterday. It is reported that it is in connection to some wanting him to be disposed from the AD position. He is regarded by some conservative factions at the Bolshoi, including such stars as Tsidkaridze, as being too open minded about the West and also for opening up Bolshoi to foreigners. He was the target of first verbal threats which escalated to tires being slashed and finally to bodily harm. Let us pray he will recover from this without too much damage although chances are not great if reports are true. Let us also hope that trolls who personally attack or wish harm on dancing careers of hated dsncers will now step back and reflect.
    Oh I also agree about Novikova who is bland and overrated in my book. She goes from step to step in predictable manner that rbv calls ‘pure’ as if pure means pretty and boring without ounce of personality.

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