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Working on the new post January 16, 2013

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I’m working on a post about ballet schools associated with the major companies in the U.S.  Meantime, here’s a section of a video that was made about the old American Ballet Theater School (which existed briefly in the 1970’s) for you to watch:


One Response to “Working on the new post”

  1. atlantic Says:

    Interesting clip. I wonder why the school never really took off. I think that US schools really cannot compete because US parents would not likely allow their kids to go away a 9 years old. It is probably a sturggle enough to get them to leave at 15 (I’m sure my parents would have never let me study somewhere like SAB if I had been talented enough to get in). It’s just not in the American psyche.

    I have always wondered about SAB’s training method and its actual success rate. I know most of the dancers in NYCB all received some training at SAB, but some only a few summers and maybe one academic year. How many SAB students start at age 9 and study through to 18, and then actually get into the company? I can’t find many on the roster. Gelsey Kirkland is the only one that really sticks out in my mind. Maybe the method isn’t so great if it cannot produce dancers from start to finish. It seems to be more of a Balanchine finishing school.

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