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A Little More on Pointe January 8, 2013

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Found the video below on YouTube.  I’d seen it before; I believe that I landed on it somehow because it’s well-known among ballet-video watchers for having some of the most awful pointe technique ever shown on YT as part of a “ballet class,” let alone an upper-level ballet class.

But that’s not what I’m sharing it for. What’s interesting here is seeing someone manipulate a Gaynor-Minden shoe with their hands.  It really shows how different these shoes are — at least, those of us familiar with conventional pointe shoes will see the difference right away.

Never mind what went wrong with teaching pointe at whatever school this was….


One Response to “A Little More on Pointe”

  1. atlantic Says:

    I tried a pair, but I had a difficult time finding the correct size. Somehow I just don’t think they fit as well, but maybe I was not fit properly. If they do help curb injuries I’d say they should be encouraged.

    About the technique in the video, I don’t mean to bash anyone especially since I am not a great dancer. However, safety is an issue with pointework and it seemed that some may not be strong enough. I am also wondering about her arches. I saw the close up of her feet but it seemed like she did not even break in her show at the arch. I have low arches, but if they are bent enough it will usually show some curve.

    Another issue I had with GMs is that I felt they did not ‘hug’ what little arch I have, unlike the traditional shoes that could be bent and broken in. I’ve even noticed this on professional dancers that have great feet. However, if it is indeed healthier, the look of ‘pretty feet’ can be sacrificed.

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