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A Ballerina is Born March 24, 2012

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I first heard of  American dancer Joy Womack about a year and a half ago, via a newspaper/news video that detailed her entry into the Bolshoi Ballet’s school.   At the time she was being poked and prodded and told to lose weight in specific places.  She had had to learn Russian in a tremendous hurry — probably easier for a teenager than for an adult, but still a very difficult complication for anyone.  It also seemed that her technique was being torn down and rebuilt from scratch.  Talented though she was and is, it looked like there was a long and possibly impossible haul ahead of her.

While I’m a bit confused about her status at this school, since the U.S. newspaper said that she was in the Russians-only class and a teacher from the academy who also posts a lot of videos seemed to indicate that she is in the parallel “foreigners class,” the difference between the way she dances now and how she was when she started (which was not bad at all) is almost enough to bring motherly tears to my eyes.  Now nearing graduation after 3 years of grinding work, she’s fantastic.

Since she is a minor I feel a bit squeamish about mentioning her name; however, she has been pretty public about her efforts at the school.  So once again, the name is Joy Womack.  Be sure to look up her videos on YouTube.  I don’t think she keeps historical videos on there that would show us her progress, but the recent ones are breathtaking.  Surely she will have a grand career somewhere.

Here is a sample: Paquita