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Obraztsova Gossip January 23, 2012

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I see from my stats that yesterday someone landed on this blog while searching for “Russian tv promotion to principal obraztsova.”

Sorry, folks, this blog is a bad place to look for news like that.  I have no source for gossip, and even if a long-overdue promotion does not count as gossip, I still don’t have the information.  Further, let’s keep in mind that we are dealing with Russians here, and they put many layers on the truth. Go ahead and scream “racism” or whatever; I’m half Russian and I know better :-).

I did look at the Maryinsky’s website and saw that nothing has changed: she is still listed as First Soloist.  However, I also don’t know how up to date this website is, as Oxana Skorik is just now listed as a Second Soloist after having danced Odette/Odile a couple of times (she was previously listed as a Coryphee).  I know promotions at the Maryinsky are far from quick, but the apparent delay in reporting this one was almost ridiculous.

There was for a time someone posting lengthy, impassioned YouTube videos about Maryinsky gossip, but this person has been silent for months now. This individual did state at one point last year something to the effect that “Obraztsova is about to leave the Maryinsky.”  But she’s still there as far as I know.  Just not very much, it seems.

I know that Obraztsova has recently been doing guest stints with the Bolshoi, and the Maryinsky’s website is entirely ignoring that thus far.  They did mention her guesting with other companies (notably “Since 2010 she has been a guest soloist of the ballet company of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre in Moscow”) but are ignoring the fact that she danced Odette/Odile during those guest stints.  I guess that would be sort of inconvenient for them to admit, as the lead in Swan Lake is the one prima-ballerina role denied her at home — thus denying her that big promotion.  Odd as it may seem to us, in Russia, Swan Lake makes (or breaks) ballerinas.

It would be, to say the least, very amusing if the Bolshoi cast her as Odette/Odile.

And so, as far as I know, Obraztsova remains a First Soloist with her home company, even though she has long been a prima in the eyes of the rest of the world. There are some things you just can’t explain.

P.S. January 30 update: Obraztsova’s website is down.  The translation of the message screen is that the site has been blocked, and the owner of the site should contact the host to find out why.

P.P.S. As you can see in the comments, Parlonsballet has informed us that Evgenia Obraztsova is now a principal with the Bolshoi!


8 Responses to “Obraztsova Gossip”

  1. parlonsballet Says:

    I just went on the Mariinsky website and her name is not listed anywhere.

    • theworstat Says:

      Thanks for the tip. I wrote the article just last week after seeing her still listed as “First Soloist.” How quickly things can change at times. There is no update on her website, (she was scheduled to dance Giselle at the Maryinsky on 2/8/12 and that booking is still listed). I’ll keep checking.

  2. theworstat Says:

    Just before I left this afternoon I also thought to look at the Bolshoi’s website; there I found a news item that Obraztsova will be dancing La Sylphide on 2/8/12 (if I read it correctly, which I may not have). This is interesting because that was the same day she was supposed to be dancing Giselle with the Maryinsky. I guess only time will tell what’s going on here.

  3. parlonsballet Says:

    Great new! Evgenia is officially principal at the Bolshoi now. Her name is list on the comapany members.

  4. Terry Carch Says:

    The last time Evgeni Obraztsova danced at the Bolshoi was in January as Masha in the Nutcracker year 2016. So far her next performance won`tbe until October 21rst 1016 at an opening gala in Samara. Could you please find out what is going on with Genia? I`m a big fan of Evgenia Obraztsova and am wondering what is happening with her? Thankyoy very much. I last saw her in person a year ago in ABTs Romeo and Juliet. I`m wondering if she is prreganat or looking for other obtions besides ballet etc? Again thanks.

  5. Terry Carch Says:

    P.S. What is going on with Evgenia Obraztsova? Is she still performing etc?

    • theworstat Says:

      Sorry so late in replying. Someone asked Genia on her web site what was going on, but she was evasive. I’m wondering if she’s pregnant or injured…

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